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GHW Bush and GW Bush & co.

GHW Bush


POTUS : GHW Bush : CIA : DCIA and WTC-1993 and 9/11



The 3119 = P444 day sequence from GHW Bush DCIA to WTC-1993 and 9/11.


The principal Rosetta Stone to decoding the Kabbalistic narratives.
 : CIA : Directors of Central Intelligence


George Herbert Walker Bush


  • Tenure as Director : 30 January 1976 – 20 January 1977
  • Appointed : 3 November 1975 by President Gerald R. Ford
  • Confirmed by Senate : 27 January 1976
  • Sworn in : 30 January 1976



Wikipedia : 1993 World Trade Center bombing

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, carried out on February 26, 1993, when a truck bomb detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.



Wikipedia : September 11 attacks

The September 11 attacks (also referred to as 9/11) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.



Event Relationships notes :


The number 3119 is the 444 th Prime Number = P( 444 ) = P444.

See also : Prime Sequence Numbers PSNs or Prime Ordinals



Event Relationship : GHW Bush DCIA to WTC-1993


From GHW Bush, DCIA on January 30, 1976

to WTC-1993 on February 26, 1993 is :


INClusive =

= 6238 days

= 3119 + 3119 days

= P444 + P444 days



Event Relationship : WTC-1993 to 9/11

From WTC-1993 on February 26, 1993

to 9/11 on September 11, 2001 is :

= 3119 days

= P444 days



Event Relationship : GHW Bush DCIA to 9/11


From GHW Bush, DCIA on January 30, 1976

to 9/11 on September 11, 2001 is :

INClusive =

= 9357 days

= 3119 + 3119 + 3119 days

= P444 = P444 + P444 days



See also : GHW Bush : Call to end the Arab-Israeli conflict : OBL Declared Jihad




The 3119 = P444 day sequence from GHW Bush DCIA to WTC-1993 and 9/11.


The principal Rosetta Stone to decoding the Kabbalistic narratives.


Wikipedia : Rosetta Stone


The Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite stele, found in 1799, inscribed with three versions of a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt, in 196 BC during the Ptolemaic dynasty on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The top and middle texts are in Ancient Egyptian using hieroglyphic script and demotic scripts, respectively, while the bottom is in Ancient Greek. As the decree has only minor differences between the three versions, the Rosetta Stone proved to be the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs, thereby opening a window into ancient Egyptian history.




The discovery of these relationships proved to be the principal "Rosetta Stone" in decoding fabricated narratives.

Self-evidently, there is a clear and very obvious sequence from GHW Bush's tenure at the CIA to both "WTC terrorist events", which are also related using the same number, 3119 days.

The realisation that the number 3119 was in fact, the 444 th Prime Number, led to the following clues :

  • The definition of the 111 to 999 triplets and the discovery, utility and interpretation of their common factor, the number 37 ?
  • The possibility that the scheduling of events and therefore also, the design of narratives, might, at least in part, be predicated on relationships to root events outside of the narrative in question ?
  • The possibility that those potential "root events" provide contextual meaning and therefore might indicate the reason or motivation and / or ownership of the main event under consideration ?

In the overall scheme of things, the detection of event relationships, is the relatively easy part.  However, with those relationships defined, it is their interpretation which provoked the important and difficult questions :

  • Why would the perps lay a trail of self-incriminating Kabbalistic crumbs ?
  • Why would they potentially incriminate themselves in this way ?

My initial answers were and still mainly are, that :

a. The event relationships / signatures are hidden.

We are not supposed to know about these event relationships, so they remained completely unknown outside of the puzzle palaces where they are designed, so there is virtually zero risk of their detection, interpretation and understanding.

b. Plausible deniability.

Even if these signatures become known, who is going to take them seriously ?  

If revealed at all, their discovery will likely be the product of some "tin-foil-hat-nut-job-conspiracy-theorist", so can be easily written off, especially since the proverbial, "turd in the punchbowl" groundwork for all things numeric, was so widely promulgated in the immediate wake of 9/11, with volumes of bs "numerology" nonsense posted all over the internet. This disinformation effort was so effective, that many of the 9/11 type forums, banned anyone who posted anything involving numbers.


c. Calling Cards ?

Perhaps the perps might like to leave a "calling card", unknown to the masses but not to those "on the inside" ?  

To illustrate this idea, I use the example of the "English / British disease" - football / soccer hooligans, who, after attacking their victims, leave their calling cards on them to show which "hooligan firm" was responsible.  


So, maybe these Kabbalistic signatures between events, are just that - hidden calling cards?


d. A language ?


Maybe these signatures are part of the perps' "language".  If there is a design method to the narratives, then surely this must be known by the relevant three letter agencies ( TLAs ) everywhere?

If a "tin-foil-hat-nut-job-conspiracy-theorist", with a PC can discern these signatures, then surely it must follow that the TLA's & puzzle palaces in every country, will also be aware of them?

I aver that the abundant, overwhelming evidence suggests that there is a design methodology in use, which forms the framework for event scheduling and narrrative design.

Therefore, there must be awareness of this matrix and so it must follow that this method is widely understood and probably used by all.

Consider : The narratives are complex with multiple nodes.  There are hundreds of events in the 9/11 narrative alone. If related narratives, such as "Al Qaeda" and other related paradigms are included, then there are thousands of events in the mix.

Self-evidently, there is no way that such a complex web of event relationships can be designed manually. It has to be done using software with design rules.

Total Information Awareness.


Whomever designs the narratives, must have access to virtually every event on the planet. 

  • all of the people used and referenced in the narratives
  • laws and legislation
  • wars, terrorism and terrorists
  • politicians, parties, poltical initiatives
  • company / corporation incorporation dates
  • entity creation dates
  • film / movie release dates
  • song release dates
  • book publishing dates
  • internet domain creation dates
  • etc.


All of the above categories and more are used in narratives.


This, quite obviously points to one prime suspect source category : the worldwide TLA's - the spooks and their cohort organisations, whether public institutions or private.

Complaint and / or Ownership ?

Considering the above GHW Bush > WTC911 > 9/11 sequence for example :

For the sake of this argument, assume that this sequence of event relationships is not serendipitous and does not exist due to the random chaos of chance. 

So, what to make of it ?

Does the 3119 / P444 day sequence from GHW Bush's tenure at the CIA to both WTC events, imply a "complaint" or "ownership" ?

This is the crucial but subjective question as to the nature of the event relationships / signatures.

  • Does this particular Kabbalistic trail of crumbs, incriminate GHW Bush and the faction(s) that he might represent ?
  • Or, does it indicate the "complaint" which formed the motivation for the event ?
  • Was the "GHW Bush / faction(s)" responsible for both WTC-1993 and 9/11 ?
  • Or, did the "GHW Bush / faction(s)" form the "complaint" which prompted some other faction to do both of the WTC false-flag terrorist events and schedule those events to Kabbalistically reference GHW Bush ?

My initial interpretration, understandably, was the former, that they indicated responsiblity and ownership.

The Michael Moore, Farenheit 9/11 and others, "Bush did it" meme was widely disseminated, as were the Bushco connections to the bin Laden family etc., in support of that "inside job" meme.

My golden rule of narrative interpretation :


"If they are telling us something, then it is for a reason.  Always. No exceptions."

Like many in the so-called "9/11 Truth" community, I also, all too easily, readily consumed this grist for the conspiracy mill.

But what if the opposite was true? 


What if the above signatures from GHW Bush DCIA, indicate the "complaint" behind both WTC events and therefore do not indicate responsibility and ownership?


If true, this would mean that GHW Bush was not "indicted" by these signatures but instead, formed the "complaint" which served in part, as the motivation & reason for the crimes.

I suggest that the considered answer to this crucial question, can only be discerned after considering multiple events and narratives, not just from a single sequence as above, however exceptional it may seem.

As the analysis progressed with more event nodes and further interpretation, the  understanding of this GHW Bush > WTC-1993 > 9/11 sequence has consequently changed over time.  

After studying the 9/11 narrative and numerous other event nodes & relationships, it appears that there are other signatures which indicate the contrary, that the "Bush did it" meme and interpretation, may well be incorrect.  The "Bush did it meme", may well have been part of the psyop.


See for example :


GHW Bush calls to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and "Osama bin Laden declared Jihad."


The discovery of that event relationship, informed the interpretation of the GHW Bush DCIA > WTC-1993 > 9/11 event sequence, considerably.


Here we have GHW Bush, whom a huge body of "conspiratorial opinion" and from some quarters, mainstream persuasion, would have as principal, among the usual prime suspects, imploring the Arabs and the Jews to end their interminable conflict.


This GHW Bush, post Gulf War, "plea for peace", between the Arabs and the Jews, contradicts the notion that he would also, as alleged "war monger in chief", also play the role of the WTC-1993 and 9/11 false-flags, sponsor in chief in order to promote further conflict between them.


The only other interpretations of the GHW Bush March 6, 1991, "plea for peace" between the Arabs and the Jews, is that it was a false, contrived plea and may have been Kabbalistically timed with full knowledge of the five year hence, "OBL Declaration of Jihad", or, that the relationships exist naturally and are therefore meaningless.


All things are possible of course, but my interpretation of the anomalous, very clear and obvious GHW Bush DCIA sequence described above and the relationship from his "plea for peace", to the so-called "Jihad", is that one compliments the other and that they are not therefore, contradictory.


If the GW Bush DCIA > WTC-1993 >9/11 is considered to incriminate GHW Bush, then where does that leave the interpretation of his "plea for peace" ?


I could be wrong, but my interpretation is that some other faction who is also behind the alleged "Declaration of Jihad", also scheduled both WTC events to reference GHW Bush.


I also suggest that this interpretation fits with the post 9/11, "Bushco did it" meme, so widely and vigourously promulgated in the so-called "9/11 Truth forums" holding pens.


An anomalous sequence.


The GHW Bush > WTC-1993 > 9/11, sequence, using 3119 / P444 days, is anomalous.


So far at least, there are no other examples where the same Kabbalistic numbers are used to form a sequence of relationships from a potential, living "prime suspect" to other events of such magnitude.


Of course, there are individual relationships / signatures from those "usual suspects" to individual events, as this study will show, indeed, it is those relationships which comprise this entire study.


But, such clear and obvious sequences from a single root event to such hugely significant events as the WTC attacks, so far, after many years study, are not seen elsewhere.


I suggest that the correct approach to interpreting the Kabbalistic event relationships / signatures, is to always consider them from the "complaint" or "ownership / responsibility" perspective.


There are, therefore only two possibilities when considering this entire paradigm :

  1. Each and every event relationship / signature exists naturally and is simply due to luck and the vagaries of chance.
  2. The abundant and consistent event relationships are evidence of narrative design.

If one subscribes to the former, then that means there is nothing of merit in this study whatsoever and therefore, there is nothing systematic about the design of narratives and the scheduling of their events.


I struggle to imagine how some other half-way-house interpretation could be justified.  The possibility that some might prefer to pick and choose which event relationships could or could not be meaningful and might or might not be the product of narrative design, is simply untenable.


The subscribers to the alternative, random-mumbo-jumbo, "chaos of chance" hypothesis, are faced with a huge challenge, that being, an explanation as to why these event signatures are so abundant and yield such contextually significant meaning ?


If the latter case for narrative design is true, then I suggest that the correct approach to interpreting these Kabbalistic event relationships / signatures, is to always consider them from the "complaint" or "ownership and responsibility" perspective.


By doing so, I suggest that a clearer, more accurate interpretation of the allegorical nature of the events and narratives can be understood.


As with all things investigative, there should be no bias involved in the assessment and interpretation of narratives.


In the landscape of Kabbalistic event relationships and narrative design, the unwelcome impediment of bias and pre-conceived notions are absent - the date arithmetic relies on simple addition, it is not subjective, does not tell lies, is reproducible and not falsifiable and will remain so forever.


Once the abundant and overwhelming evidence of narrative design, renders the "serendipity hypothesis" obsolete, the only subjective element is in the interpretation of "complaints" and / or "ownership and responsibility".


Absent some full and candid criminal confessions, a more insightful clarity is difficult to imagine.



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