What about whataboutthewhen.com ?


This website presents a study of narratives, specifically, analysis of the timing or scheduling of events in those narratives and the relationships between those events and others, within and without.


The subjects include :

  • 9/11
  • terrorism
  • war
  • crime
  • politics
  • history
  • culture


What about You ?


This website is probably not the best place to start if you :

  • are new to researching these subjects
  • have difficulty with numbers
  • are fearful of 666
  • predicate your world view on the excrement of liars and deceivers
  • prefer to consume fable and fantasy in place of logic and reason
  • are unable or unwilling to do your own thinking
  • are unable or unwilling to admit when you are wrong
  • are not concerned about being lied to
  • have not read any non-fiction books in the last month


For example, if you are "of the view" that :

then this website is probably not for you.



What about the When ?


The title for this website was chosen because the question of "the When" is completely absent from existing analyses.


Ask anyone, a version of this question :


Why do you think x happened on that day and not some other day ?


Observe their thought process, if indeed, any is evident ...


There are many websites presenting versions of the What, Where, Who, Why and How, on various topics, but none address the When ?


The only question everyone neglects, never thinks about and so, never asks, let alone, attempts to answer, is, "the When ?"


It therefore seems that the question of the timing and scheduling of world events, is of no analytical importance.  To anyone.  Which is perplexing.


My research proves that the question of event scheduling is of fundamental significance, if the structure and design of narratives, are to be properly interpreted and understood.



So, whataboutthewhen.com ?


The main indexes and navigation buttons are organised under the questions :

  • What ?
  • Where ?
  • Who ?
  • Why ?
  • How ?

There is no When navigation button or index page, because the entire website content answers the missing question of, the When ?


Under the More navigation button there are links to the Introduction pages, which should be read first, the main 9/11 index page and other options including blog pages, contact  and site search forms.



What about me ?


My work background is electronics & telecomms, computers, programming, analysis and databases.


I have lived in England all of my life and so grew up with sectarian terrorism in the news for many years attributed to "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland.


I have no political, religious or sectarian affiliations.


I am a natural contrarian, a sceptic and have never grown out of asking Why?


I am deeply cynical of prevailing narratives, until proven otherwise.

I am primarily interested in epistemology, how we know what we think we know, truth, lies and the art of deception in human affairs.


My understanding of the human condition, our behaviours, the games we all play, the lies we tell to others and ourselves, the nature and behaviour of organisations, our groups and tribes, leads to my conclusion that the default position for narrative analysis, should always be from a conspiratorial perspective.


To coin a phrase, I consider that, The Medium is indeed, The Massage, and that unless we have awareness of the methods of persuasion used against us, then we are unwitting victims in the power structures.


I consider that the motivation for the deliberate conditioning of minds and human affairs is principally Machiavellian rather than benevolent and is often, demonstrably structured on the Fichte / Hegel dialectic, the Problem, Reaction, Solution model of social engineering.



The "terrorism" paradigm.


I first became aware of the alternative September 11th narratives around mid 2004 and have been researching and studying the 9/11 crime and associated, so-called "terrorism" and much more, since then.

I am very familiar with the events depicted in the offical 9/11 conspiracy theory and the subsequent "War of Terror" series of false-flag crimes attributed to the so-called "Al Qaeda" and "IS / ISI / ISIL / ISIS" entities.


My understanding of this modern "terrorism" landscape is unequivocal and can be stated very simply :


All of the so-called al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorist narratives are a pack of lies.


The vast majority of these events have been arrests, led by the so-called intelligence agencies, hence the term "intelligence led arrest". 


In these events, no bombs went off, nobody was injured, nothing happened, apart from some arrests. 


These events are amplified by the media, often with reporters briefed and already in place to broadcast the scripted narrative with maximum hype, in the most alarming and terrifying way possible. 


In one or two cases, other state voices have even felt embarrassed enough to offer muted critique of the media's blatant pre-judicial coverage, vis contempt of court issues.  For example, Sky News comes to mind over the UK, January 2007 "beheading plot".  Although none, have yet been prosecuted for judicial contempt, because the muted critique, such as it is, is also part of the deal.  The widespread dissemination of alarm serves the secret state's agenda perfectly as the mockingbird media leads the concomitant propaganda part of each operation.


In the UK, 52 deaths were reported due to the July 7 London Tube bombings.  I do not know for sure if this figure has any factual basis.  I am convinced though that, Sir Ian Blair's, "four miserable bombers", as accused, did not do it.  Likewise for 9/11 and all of the other so-called "terrorist events" we have witnessed.


Perspective and Context : July 2019 : Reported "deaths from terrorism" :


In 2018, more people died on the UK roads in every month of the year, than have been reported to have been murdered by so-called, "Islamic terrorism" during the past 18 years :

Source : gov.uk : National Statistics

Statistics on reported road casualties in Great Britain for the year ending June 2018 shows, there were :

  • 1,770 reported road deaths
  • 26,610 people killed or seriously injured
  • 165,100 casualties of all severities, a decrease of 6%


1,770 UK road deaths in 2018 is an average of 147 in every month of the year, almost 5 road deaths on every day of the year.


Compare and contrast :


Wikipedia : Terrorism in the United Kingdom


Since 2001, there have been almost 100 terrorist-related deaths in Great Britain, the vast majority linked to Islamic extremism.[citation needed]


Here, The Telegraph reports on "a rare public appearance" of yet another, utterly trustworthy and totally believable, secret state mouthpiece, Andrew Parker, Director General of the UK's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, Mi5 :


The Telegraph : How many people are killed by terrorist attacks in the UK? 


Since 2000, there have been seven deaths per year in the UK due to terrorism -  which, according to research from BuzzFeed,


means you're more likely to be killed by :

  • dogs (18 deaths per year )
  • hot water (100 deaths per year )
  • using your phone while driving ( 2,920 deaths per year )



Mi5 refuses to disclose it's annual budget, laughably citing, "security reasons." 


Wikipedia, citing a gov.uk source, states that the 2014-15 Single Intelligence Account, out of which Mi5's "just can't get enough", budget is drawn, amounted to some £2.6 billion.


An average of 7 "reported" UK deaths per year since 2001, due to so-called "Islamic terrorism" equates to :

  • 0.58 deaths per month due to "Islamic terrorism"

compared with :

  • 147 UK deaths per month caused by careless drivers


If the overall government imperative is in fact, as so often proclaimed, to "protect us" and to "save lives", then the logical corollary from these figures, would be to spend some of the UK tax payer funded, insecurity services', annual billions on :

  • road safety campaigns
  • long prison sentences for drivers who cause death
  • a reduction in speed limits
  • de-radicalising dog owners
  • dis-incentivising dog ownership
  • long prison sentences for owners of murderous dogs
  • public education campaigns on safe thermostat settings


Instead of being spent on, fabricated "terroristic threats" ...


Given the absence of relative, budget equality across the various "death avoidance" government programmes, the only logical conclusion to be drawn is that, the overall imperative cannot in fact be, as proclaimed - "to protect us" and "to save lives", but must be about something else.



Northern Ireland - "The Troubles"


The deaths shown in the above graph, reportedly due to so-called "Islamic Terrorism" since 2000, compared with terrorism deaths during 30 years of  "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, are starkly different and point to another contradiction :


In the UK, until 2001, each successive Anti-Terrorism Act since 1939, was enacted as a direct consequence of and exclusively in response to, Northern Irish terrorism - "The Troubles". 


All of the Acts were denoted as "Temporary Measures". 


Because of their draconian powers, the temporary basis of their enactment meant that they were subject to democratic oversight, with their renewal, sensibly restrained by an annual vote in Parliament. 


In 1997 along came the war-monger, narcissist, marionette, Princess Bliar and his, "New Labour" with their, "Things Can Only Get Better", marketing campaign and lo and behold, the Northern Irish "Troubles" were ended. 


Where there's a political will, there's a way.  Clearly. 


The Good Friday Agreement resulted in amnesties for many convicted terrorists, with some released from prison and also led to the prosecution of long-since retired British Army soldiers.


In February 2001, the UK's Terrorism Act 2000, became law. It is TACT2000 because the Parliamentary Bill was introduced in 2000.


TACT2000 was the UK's first ever permanent anti-terrorism legislation. 


Many more anti-terror laws, all permanent, have been enacted since.


In 30 years of Northern Irish terroristic carnage, UK governments saw no need to place any  anti-terrorism legislation on a permanent footing.   Not once.


In 2000 / 2001, after the "Northern Irish Troubles" were formally ended, the UK government did see the need for new, permanent anti-terror laws.


Does that make any obvious sense to you?


Why was permanent anti-terror legislation not deemed necessary during 30 years of Northern Irish terrorism and yet was deemed necessary after it had all ended with the peace agreements?


Clearly, the powers that be knew something that the rest of us did not.


I aver that TACT2000, the UK's first ever permanent anti-terror law, was placed on the statute books in anticipation of all that has happened since.


That interpretation seems to be the only logical reason why the UK began the implementation of the series of new, permanent ant-terror laws.


This may also help to explain why "The Troubles" were miraculously ended, after 30 years of political inaction and "nothing can be done" governance over hundreds of murders and bombing carnage.  TACT2000 was, just-in-time legislation for the "new terrorist paradigm" which was about to be implemented.  Mi5 and it's collusive, state cohorts could not act in both theatres.



My experience publishing this work


Some of the information presented here, I have posted before, on various news media sites, forums, blogs and other websites.


I decided to build a website to present my research, all in one place and under my control, because of the serial difficulties encountered, presenting it elsewhere.


I have been banned, suspended, placed on indefinite "gardening leave", my accounts "accidentally deleted", my work confined to obscure sub-sections, posts edited and trashed completely.


Much of this has happened on so-called "9/11 Truth" type forums.


I have witnessed trolls mimicking my posts on other forums, but doing so inaccurately, deliberately trying to place the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.





You will read some, but not too much opinion on this website, the internet is replete with enough vacuous opinion and inane commentary as it is.


What you will learn about is the structure of narratives and their design methodology, by reading numerous examples of event relationships and the likely roots and reasons for those events.


For an explanation of the method, read the Introduction pages.


If you would like to make contact, have a question, have something constructive to add, note any errors, or would like to help with research, then use the contact form.


For those who are genuinely interested in learning about how narratives are designed, using combinations of real and fictional events, then this website is for you.


I hope that the information presented here, adds to your understanding of, what the massage is, how it is implemented and who is likely behind it and why.


I will not be attempting to explain how passenger aircraft can turn buildings into dust, but I will be trying to illustrate why the events occur when they do, what was the motivation for the event and how these reasons are represented symbolically and are integrated and embedded within each narrative.


I aver that the fundamental key to understanding all of that is to ask the question :


What about the When ?


The "narratives" can only be fully interpreted and understood, once the possible answers to the question of - the When? are revealed in the relationships between events, because that is how they are designed.


July 2019



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